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About Annadana satram

Founder: Smt. K. Lakshamma and family

We are heart-fully congratulate Smt. Lakshamma and family for their dedication and service  to Chowdeshwariamma Annadana Satram.

Annadana satram was founded on 09/March/2008 from there after we started Annadanam for 100 Devotees, 2 days a week (every Friday & Sunday).  We wish to serve up to 500 Devotees for these 2 days, there after we would like to serve everyday.

Interested devotees can donate Funds for Annadanam, the principle funds will be deposited in the bank and only interest will be spend to increase  Devotees numbers  for Friday and Sunday Annadanam, there after everyday.Names of Donates will be updated in website Quarterly. Please contact us for donations to below email address:

We wish you and your family blessing from ChowdeshwariAmma.

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