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Reach Temple

Nandavaram Distance:

Nandavaram village is located between Panyam and Banagana Palli/ Banaganapalle road.The distance of this temple from nearby places are:

  1. Banaganapalli [11km]
  2. Panyam [19 km]
  3. Yaganti [21 km]
  4. Nandyal [32 km]
  5. Mahanandi [49 km]
  6. Kurnool [75 km]
  7. Hyderabad [287 km]
  8. Bangalore [348 km]

By Train:

The nearest railway station is at Panem/Panyam [19 KM away].

By Bus:

Nandavaram is well connected with road networks coming from Nandyal and Banaganapalli

By Air:

The nearest Airport is in Kadapa and Hyderabad.

Nearby Tourist Attractions:

1.Mahanandi Temple
4.S. KotturSubrahmanyeswara Swamy Temple

Accommodation at Nandavaram:

Free food and accommodation facility is available at Nandavaram temple.

  1. Arya Vysya Nithya Anna Dhana Sathram
  2. Nandavareeka Nitya Anna Sa...
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