About the Temple

This village is famous for the temple of KasiVishalakshi (Chowdeshwari).It is believed that KasiVishalakshi(Chowdeshwaridevi) came from Varanasi to Nandavarm through an underground passage within 1 day. The temple was built by King NandanaChakravarthy. It is said that the actual deity that was present in the temple was so fearful to watch with the human eye and the powerful aura it carried made many a heart fail on seeing it. Therefore, the doors of the garbhagriha were permanently closed and then another deity was made, which resembled the actual deity in posture, only less fearful to look at and that is the goddess deity that we see today in the temple. The temple structure was elevated so that the current deity sits exactly above the place where the original deity resides

Chandra Vamsheeyulu ruled entire India with Hastinapuram as the capital. King Somendrudu , who belonged to Chandra Vamsam, came to southern part of India. He made Nandavaram as the capital and kept Srisailam, Ahobilam, and Alampur as Sketrams. Later on VuttangaBhujudu, son of Somendrudu became the king. King VuttangaBhujudu had two wives, Chaturamati and Charumati.

During his rule, King VuttangaBhujudu built 301 temples in his kingdom. Each temple was being looked after by one Brahmin family. The four races of people Brahmana, Vysya, Kshatriya, and Shudra communities enjoyed equal comforts under the king.

The elder queen, Chaturamati, was blessed with a son. He was named as Nandudu. Nandudu started his education when he was 5 years olds. His education started on VaisakaShuddaPanchami morning on MithunaLagnaSubhapuskaram. After that Nandudu got Upanayanam, Brahmopadesam, and GayatriMantropadesam. King VuttungaBhujudu celebrated this occasion with all his kingdom after visiting Ahobila Lakshmi NarasimhaSwamy Temple. That night, VuttungaBhujudu got a dream in which the future told the king that his son will receive DattatreyaKataksham, and that his son will become NandanaSamratChakravarthy.

The next day morning, King VuttungaBhujudu announced about his dream in his court. Everyone in the kingdom was happy to hear the news. Nandudu prayed the lord with Slokas that he learnt in his childhood. King VuttungaBhujudu celebrated in all the temples with Abhishekas and Archanas.

At the age of Sixteen years Nandudu became expert in Shastra, Astra and KhadgaVidya. Nandudu was crowned as the Yuvaraja in the presence of all his Pandits and Brahmins. Everyday Nandudu visited a temple and discussed and solved all the problems in the temple.

One day BillaNayakudu, SabaraSwamyMahaVeerudu, and MallikarjunaSwamyBhaktudu came to the kings court with a complaint that forest animals like Cheetas, Tigers, etc. were killing their domestic animals like cows, and buffollows, and were spoiling the paddy crops.

King VuttangaBhujudu was ready to go to Srisailam to reduce the animal disturbance. He started his journey along with his queens, son Nandudu, and his soldiers. The journey took a few days. Upon reaching Srisailam, King VuttangaBhujudu first had Shikharadarshanam and then SakshiGanapathydarshanam, and prayed Lord SrisailaMallanna in his heart. At night he stayed in a tent and the next day morning the king, queens and Nandudu had bath in Patalaganga. They went to the temple and had swamyMallikarjundarshanam. After that they had Brahmarambhadarshanam. The temple priests and pandits paid respect to the royal family and gave Prasadams. That night the king VuttungaBhujudu, Nandudu, and ShabaraRaju along with kings soldiers killed a lot of animals, and saved the crops.

One day afternoon, Nandudu went to Shrisailam forest all alone. He was walking towards Pathalaganga while chanting “NamahSivaya” in his heart. He saw one Muni sitting below a tree and doing penance. Nandudu sat opposite to that Muni and was chanting “Namassivaya” in his heart. After some time Nandudu greeted the Muni. The Muni called Nandudu by his name. Nandudu told the Muni that he got Muni’s darshanam and blessings without efforts and that he was satisfied.

Later the Muni told Nandaraja that he knew this area was being ruled by kingVuttungaBhujudu. He also told Nandudu that after seeing the brightness and sharpness in Nandudu’s face, he realised that Nandudu was the son of king VuttangaBhujudu. The Muni told Nandudu, “I desire that in your regime all the four races of people should be peaceful and comfortable. Your kingdom will be hailed by the Nation. By the grace of DATTATREYA you will achieve everything. You will rule without leaving Rajadharma, Swadharma and Prajadharma”. The Muni gives DattatreyaMantropadesam to Nandudu and Nandadu takes Muni’s blessings. Munindra wishes Nandudusaying, “You will rule the state as Chakravarthy, a new state will be built on your name. Your Chandra Vamsam will get more and more Laurel’s”. After saying the above the Munindra disappears.

Nandudu gets puzzled and realizes that the Munindra was non other than SHRI MALLIKARJUNA SWAMY. He narrates everything to his parents and all the others. Everybody feel very happy.

After the above events King VuttangaBhujudu came to the conclusion of searching a suitable bride and celebrating the marriage of Nandaraju. Thereby, entrusting the ruling of NANDAVARAM kingdom, and VuttangaBhujudu later on thought of relinquishing from ruling the kingdom. With the above thoughts in mind, the king slept very late in the night. Lord MedhaDakshinaMurthy appeared in his dream and blessed the king. After that king informs Nandaraju for taking over the entire burden of ruling the kingdom. King VuttangaBhujudu after praying to lord MallikarjunaSwamy and Bramarambhadevi, and after obtaining Prasadam and started the return journey. Shabhararaju accompanied the king, queens, and ministers till his territory is crossed. On reaching Nadavaram, King VuntangaBhujudu was happy to announce for celebrating the Nandarajusmarriage.King arranges a meeting with his entire purohits, and asks them to search the entire kingdom and neighboring countries for a suitable bride for Nandaraju. The purohits have toured extensively and finally located the bride. The bride byname Shashirekha was a daughter of Panchala king. The bride was beautiful, with good education and character. The king of Panchala, ChandraHasudu and Queen Chandramati were happy to celebrate their daughters ShashiRekhas marriage with Nandaraju. The subhamuhurtham of Nandarajus marriage was fixed by JyotishPandits. The marriage was celebrated in a grant manner. Both the kings and the queens were very happy.

Nandaraju decided to take the burden of ruling the kingdom. He started visiting one by one temple each day in the province. Nandaraju also starts reciting the Lord Dattatreya Mantra Japam everyday morning. As decided earlier king vuttangabhujudu decided to go on vanaprasta on aAuspisious day. Nandaraju was crowned as Emporer and taken over full kingdom with Royal honors.KingVuttangaBhujuduproceeded on Vanaprasta on a good day, with queens, purohits, Dasis etc. He left the kingdom with heavy heart.

Nandaraju spent about 6 months. He used to spent his time on issues connected with the province. Night time queen Shashirekha used to brief about panchala countries living styles etc. Nandaraju built a temple in honour of Lord DattatreyaSwamy and one pujari was appointed for performing puja every day.

Lord DattatreyaSwamy appeared that night in a dream to Nandaraju. Nandaraju expressed his desire with Lord DattatreyaSwamy, that he wanted to visit Ganges river every day morning, offer prayers to KasiViswanathudu and Annapurana Devi, and return to Nandavaram by early hours

Lord DattatreyaSwamy appears and assures Nandaraju stating that, in this world, there is nothing impossible, one should have a desire and efforts should be made in that direction for achieving. Lord DattatreyaSwamy informs Nandaraju that you will find my Padukalu by the side of my statue tomorrow. Take the padukalu and keep it in your pooja- room. By wearing the Padukalu in the morning, and whichever the place you would like to go, you will be able to reach that place with in no time (mano-vegam meaning faster than speed of sound). Lord DattatreyaSwamy further informs Nandraju, to keep this as secret, and Mantra Japam to recite every day morning.

Nandraju got up next morning and after pooja visits Lord DattatreyaSwamy Temple, and he finds DattatreyaSwamyPadukalu. Nandaraju brings Padukalu to his place and hides in pooja room. This information Nandaraju did not reveal to Shashirekha. Next day morning Nandaraju completes his daily pooja, and takes Padukalu from pooja- room and goes to the top of palace and Nadaraju wears the padukalu, and prays to go to Ganges..Nadaraju reaches the Ganges ie MANIKARNIKA GATTAM within seconds. Nandaraju after taking the bath in the ganges visits Lord Dattatreya Temple, KasiViswanathudu, Vishalakshi temple and later on Nandaraju returns back to Nandavaram by early morning. Nandaraju was very happy and realized that he got the opportunity of visiting Kasi every day. Next day Nandaraju takes bath in HarishandraGhat like that he takes bath in all the 64 Ghats, and visits all the temples in Kasi.

One day Shashirekha observes that Nanda raju is not there at the early morning hours. She searches in bathing ghat and puja mandiram, and then she relaised that he must have gone to Lord DattatreyaSwamy temple at Nandavaram. Then she returns and sleeps. Nandaraju just returns from Kasi and sleeps by the side of her

The next day when the Nandaraju took the Padukalu from pooja room and about to go to roof top, at that point of time Shashirekha happens to come and falls on Nandarajus feet. Nandaraju was keeping this as secret. Nandaraju realizes at that point of time EmbrasesShashirekha and takes her to top of the palace, and he puts on padukalu and within no time, they are at the Dashameda bathing ghat. Shashirekha stunned after seeing the river and the temples and bright lights all over the city. Nandaraju tells Shashirekha we are on the banks of the river Ganges.. We have reached this place3 with the help of DivyaPadukalu presented by Lord DattatreyaSwamyShashirekha was vry happy. Nandaraju tells Shashirekha that let us take bath in DashamedaGhatnad after visiting Kasiviswanath, and Vishalkshi temples, we will be returning back Nandanavam, otherwise there would be disturbances in the kingdom

After this Shashirekha was with full of tears. Nandaraju tries to approach her to pacify. Shashirekha tells Nandarju not to touch her, since she is out of doors.. She was feeling sorry for what has happened she will be in a position to take bath in Ganges only after 5th day. Nandaraju tells Shashirekha that if we are not reaching by early hours, there will be disturbance in Nandavanam and kingdom. Shashirekha started weeping again. Nadarju controls her stating that you have not done any mistake.

Nandaraju started praying in-heart Lord Viswanathudu and Lord Dattatreyadu for the troubles that he has to overcome. Nandaraju sees few vedapandits chanting GayatriJapam at a temple near by. He then approaches them and explains his problem. One Rugvedapandit byname Peddibhattu comes forward to help Nandraju. Nanda Raju confesses to Peddibhattu that we are from Chandravamsam and Lord Datertrayaswamysdeciple, and promises to help in any future difficulties; I would offer my town in return to the help rendered. .I am confessing this in premise to Vishalakshi and Annapuranadevi.,Nandaraju again requests the pandits. Pandits inform that in future Thithitray day likely to occur. In those days we will definitely seek yours help, Nandaraju kindly keep your words.

After that 500 pandits started chanting DoshaNivarana Mantras. Pandits sprinkled water papapariharam.. She has taken shuddodaka bathing. Pandits have sprinkled Ganges water on her. They have offered the japaphalam to them. ShashiRekha exhibited New light on her face, Nandaraju and ShashiRekha both took bath in Ganges together. They have specially prayed 13 pandits and 13 pandits have offered padanamaskarams. After gayatrijapam, pandits have told that they can return to Nandavaram. Nandaraju and Shashirekha offered their gratitude to pandits. They have reached Nandavaram in matter of seconds.Nandaraju and Shashirekha take the DivyaPadukalu and put them near the Lord Dattatreyaswamijis feet. He was ruling the kingdom with atmost care and the all the four sections of people were very very happy.

After some years Kasi and surrounding areas have famine hit. All 500 kasipandit families have desired to go to Nandavanm to seek Nandarajas help. But instead of 500 families going they have finally come to a conclusion that 13 heades of gothrams to go and pursue with Nandaraju for all the ehlp he had promised in Kasi earlier. One fine day all the 13 pandits have taken bath in Ganges and completed a morning puja and prayed Ganges, KasiViswanathudu and Annapurna Devi.

When the 13 pandits have reached Nandavaram palace Nandavarapu publics have given to sastanganamaskaras to the 13 pandits. As the 13 pandits have entered the sabhamandiram, king Nandaraju stood up and received them, and offered seats to them. Nandaraju enquires, who you are and from which place you are coming. They have informed that they are pandits from Kasi and we are heads of the 13 gotrams, and we have come to request the king for providing all the 500 families to provide livelihood. Nandaraju spoke to them as if he was not aware of earlier promise.

Nadaraju in his heart remembers all the events but since he had not disclosed to the Mantris of the Sabha, since the event was to be kept as confidential. One Judicial Expert from Nandavarm stood in the Sabha and told that whatever is told is true and correct, but there should be proof and witnesses.

Peddibhattu from Kasi heard this in great patience, and told in the sabha, that whatever Nadaraju had promised was in the presence of Mata Chamundeswari. Devi. We pray her every day since she is our deity. We request her to come to Nandavaram for disclosing the truth. He asks will this burden be taken by king and province?

Then Nandaraju started thinking deeply in his heart. These Pandits and Brahmins know mantras & Tantra-Shastras. He prays in his heart to Mata Chamundeswari for setting all this Issues in a peaceful way. I will build temple in your honour and pray. With your coming Nandavaram will be a DivyaKshetram.

Then Mantri in the Sabha informs that, you bring Mata Chamundeswari Devi as witness we will receive her with purnahuti and mangalavadayams. Four pandits can go to Kashi the others will stay here in Nandavaram with all facilities. The four pandits are

1. BrahmashriAvadhanamPeddibhattu – Srivastagotram 2. TharkaShastramMadhavaBhattu – Vasistasagotram 3. PuranamShridharaBhattu – Baradwagasagotramu 4. Varthakamkamalanabhapandithudu – HarithasaGothram

They have gone to Kasi and prayed Chamundeswari Devi. They have performed Homamas, Pujas and finally Devi has appeared and they have requested her to come to Nandavaram. ShashiRekha on hearing all this started weeping .She told to Nandaraju this all has happened because of her. Nandaraju has told her that all this has happened because of Brahma- Sankalpam.

Mata Chamundeswari informs to all the gathering to come to Nandavaram. I will be following you in Tejoroopam. .They all started the journey to Nandavaram through Bilam. All of them prayed to Lord Kashiviswanatha, Annapurana Devi, DuntiVigneshwara before starting their journey to Nandavaram. They have reached to Nandavaram by early morning. They have looked back for Devi but Devi has turned as Vigraham at that place. Entire Nandavara town Brahmin community and others offered purnahuthi to devimatha. Devi matha informs that I will stay here as Chowdeswari and 500 brahmin families will stay here as Nandavarika Brahmins. Devi Chowdeswari stayed here in SwarnaVigrarupam.

This village is famous for the temple ofKasiVishalashi (Chowdeshwari).It is believed that Chowdeshwaridevi came from Varanasi to Nandavarm through an underground passage within 1 day. The temple was built by King NandanaChakravarthy. It is said that the actual deity that was present in the temple was so fearful to watch with the human eye and the powerful aura it carried made many a heart fail on seeing it. Therefore, the doors of the garbhagriha were permanently closed and then another deity was made, which resembled the actual deity in posture, only less fearful to look at and that is the goddess deity that we see today in the temple. The temple structure was elevated so that the current deity sits exactly above the place where the original deity resides. To the east of the temple, there is a flight of stairs that go below to the place where the original garbagriha existed but none is allowed to go there.